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*Who Also Knows How To Have Serious FUN*
  • Raw Indie performance, guitar instrumental … ONLY guitar! Cheerful but daring, all Original tunes (save one) for your listening pleasure. Soak up the unique-ness that is GUITARWERKS … downloadable with artwork, available NOW for only $7 (The Nice Price!) LINK below!

    Listen/purchase: GUITARWERKS by Tony DLivahh

  • YES!!!  I’ve Finally Done It! I have just re-released GUITARWERKS,
    now on BANDCAMP!!! $7 (cheap!) for the entire album, 16 cuts ($16 bwe-bwee bucks if you bought all tracks singularly!) And … absolutely free to stream! And downloadable in most formats … ENJOY! It is feel-good, original instrumental guitar by “Yours Truly” hehee! “Go ahead and click, don’t be scurrrred!”


  • Taken @ The Clarendon Hotel, Phoenix AZ … standing in front of the “water wall” which appears BLACK in the photo, and you really can’t
    see the water pouring down but IT IS! So I played with the color a bit
    and this is much more natural. Plus I’m wearing my new fave stage shirt!

  • Hey Fans, I just built a “new” profile page on ReverbNation, in addition to my already existing band page profile etc. I hope they let me post some vids or music on this, so far they allow ONE song. But there’s always my main page … don’t forget they are closing ALL THE STORES on ReverbNation.com but we’re good and OPEN until the end of the month. I’ve got lots of merch & music for sale. OK? KOOL.

  • The top card has new font & simplified info … whattya think?? You LIke?
    The bottom card has a plainer font just a slight variation from the orig.
    which I think was Palotino type.
    (I printed 500 of the other with long facebook addy etc., unfortunately
    I don’t have a scan of that one)

    I LIKE the top one mucho better … What Say You?